Crypto Scammers

In a preview of the 2022 Crypto Crime Report, Chainalysis focused on cryptocurrency-related scams throughout the year. The scams totaled a record $7.7 billion, making them the largest form of cryptocurrency-based crime in terms of transaction volume. These scams are […]

Dating Scam Women

Online dating profiles of scam women are a warning sign. These fraudulent women pose as real women in order to attract men and take advantage of unsuspecting victims. The profile details can be fake or misleading, as the scammers use […]

Riskiest Commodities Exchanges List

There are many risks involved in trading on the Riskiest Commodities Exchanges List. These investments are speculative, and a small fluctuation in the price of a commodity can double or triple your investment. Even small changes in commodity prices can […]

Best Commodities Exchanges List

Commodities Exchanges are a way for the world to trade. They provide transparency, efficiency, and liquidity. By standardizing futures contracts, they enable market participants to compare prices on a level playing field. Without them, prices of commodities and everyday items […]

Commodity Scam Process

A CFTC complaint about a commodities pool operator has highlighted the need for whistleblowers to take advantage of the agency’s vigilance. These complaints are the backbone of the program and contain critical information necessary to police commodity frauds. Unfortunately, the […]